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Bezalel Prelude SE Black

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Product Details
Brand: Bezalel
It’s Everything You Need

MagSafe compatible, QI wireless and wired charging capable, a powerful Prelude SE is an all-in-one charger, holder and stand. It provides mobility and freedom to do work or relax as you watch dramas and play your favorite game. Compact and portable, it lets you be actively on the go, charged up anytime, anywhere.

Fast‑Charging & Easy to Use
Designed to achieve efficient fast charging speed, Prelude SE comes with a high-performance TYPE-C connector with up to 15W wireless output and 20W wired output that quickly recharges your smart phones and other electronic devices. It offers three convenient angles for charging: (1) browsing, (2) streaming and (3) videoconferencing.
Perfect Placement

With a MagSafe feature and designed to complement the iPhone13/12 MagSafe series, Prelude SE effectively adheres to your phone, ensuring accurate placement and fast efficient charging.

Sleek and Elegant
A top-notch wireless charger that not only exemplifies power but sleekness and sophistication. SE Midnight Black* and SE Spun Sugar* exude a vibe of sincerity, stability and wisdom while SE Gossamer Pink* gives off a vibrant charm of happiness, harmony and bliss.

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Resmi Berbadan Usaha
Belanjaboss adalah jastip resmi berbadan usaha yang berlokasi di Jakarta.

Kerjasama dengan Bea Cukai
Belanjaboss sudah melalui audit bea cukai sebagai jasa titip resmi, semua proses impor smartphone pasti RESMI dan didaftarkan IMEI-nya di sistem bea cukai dan KOMINFO
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